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6.11.12: 2. work requirement due next week (November 13). We'll meet at E-0103 at 1215 as usual. Each presentation maximum 10 minutes (with maximum 15 minutes q/a). Please provide a 1 page summary to everyone beforehand.

16.10.12: 1. work requirement due on October 22. Please send me an abstract/summary of your intended project and a brief annotated bibliography by email.

16.10.12: Next lecture on Tuesday October 23, 1215 at E-0103. Readings available under course content. Film seminar on Monday October 22, 1200 at E-2003.

16.10.12: Regarding exam submission:

Please hand inn your project paper by email to on.tiu|negninnor.nile#on.tiu|negninnor.nile . Do NOT send you paper directly to me.

Use a pdf-file with your candidate number only (not your name).

Deadline for handing inn your exam is 14:00 on November 21.

Please contact either me or Elin in case you should encounter any difficulties.

09.10.12: Next lecture Tuesday October 16, 1215-1400 at E-0103. Please read Plantinga (2010) and Staiger (2000).

02.10.12: Next lecture Tuesday October 9, 1215 at E-0103. Please read Bordwell, Branigan, and Smith. NB! Film seminar on Monday October 8, 1200-1300 at E-2003. We'll talk about Brian de Palma's 'Redacted'.

26.09.12: Next lecture Tuesday October 2, 1215 at E-0103. Please read the chapters by Bordwell and Plantinga.

20.9.12: Next lecture Tuesday September 25, 1215 at E-0103. Please read the the indicated chapters from Robert Stam's book Film Theory.

12.9.12: Next film seminar Monday 17.9. 12-13 at E-2003 (Battle for Haditha). Next lecture Tuesday 18.9. 1215-1400 at E-0103 (continue Laclau/Mouffe).

02.09.12: For next week's lecture please read Phillips/Jørgensen chapter 1.

28.08.12: For next week's lecture (4.9. 1215-1400; E-0103) please read the two texts by Erll (2008) and the text by Bal (1999).

28.08.12: Film seminars take place at…

Monday 3.9. 12-13 at room E-2003: Black Hawk Down

Monday 17.9. 12-13 at room E-2003: Battle for Haditha

Monday 8.10. 12-13 at room E-2003: Redacted

Monday 22. 10. 12-13 at room E-2003: Stop-Loss

Please make sure you have seen the films when we have the seminars. All films are available at the library. In case you have difficulties finding them, you can borrow them from me.

21.08.12: Next lecture at Aug. 28 1215-1400 at room E-0103. Please read Kellner (1995). Text available here.

14.08.12: Readings for lecture 1 and 2 available here. See you all next Tuesday.

12.03.12: New course in the autumn term 2012. First lecture August 21 at 1215 at room E-0103.

21.04.10: Next week it is your turn to present your ideas for a project essay. Some guidelines for this below:

1. Do not stress. This is not an exam, but a chance for you to sort your thoughts, present your ideas and receive valuable feedback. No one expects perfect presentations in any way.

2. Please keep to the time limit of 10 minutes for your presentations (plus 5 minutes q/a). It would be a good idea to rehearse at least once what you are going to say to check how much time you need.

3. Please send an updated version of your abstract to everyone by replying to one of my emails (on Monday at the latest). Just use the 'reply to everyone' button and attach your paper.

4. Inform me on Monday whether you need powerpoint or the like (make sure you have short clips as you have max 10 minutes!).

5. Hand inn your final essay not later than May 21st at 'Ekspedisjonen' of the HSL-faculty. Hand in three copies (one sided print) and use your candidate number (not your name). In case you don't have a candidate number contact on.tiu|muron.anin#on.tiu|muron.anin

6. In case you are already abroad on May 21st you can hand in your paper by sending 3 paper copies with candidate number to:

Tromsø University (Breivika)
9037 Tromsø

Mark your letter with:
'Exam HIF-3201'

Make sure your letter i stamped not later than May 21st!

7. In case you encounter any difficulties on the way, please contact me. I am in Vienna from May 3rd, but will remain readily available online.

18.04.10: For next lecture please read Agamben and Foucault (compendium). Lecture followed by q/a regarding upcoming presentations and papers. Film seminar from 1415 with 11 short movies on 9/11.

17.03.10: Second course paper due 23. March! Please write 5-600 words and outline briefly the project you want to work on. The paper should contain:

- the empirical material you will focus on (any visual representation of any form of violence will do)
- a theoretical basis for your analysis
- and some methodological tools you intend to apply

Keep in mind that everyone will have to make reference to L/M in one way or another. In addition you will have to use at least two more approaches from the syllabus.

17.03.10: No lecture/film seminar until 13.04.! For this upcoming lecture&film seminar please read Virilio (1989), Der Derian (2001) and Hossein-Zadeh (2006) (all in compendium) and Pötzsch (2010b) (distributed online).

10.03.10: For next week's lecture please read Stam (2000), Pötzsch (2010a), and Bordwell (1996) (all distributed online). Lecture as usual from 1215-1445. No film seminar.

03.03.10: For next week's lecture please read Kracauer, Nexon/Neumann, and Weldes (compendium), as well as Erll (2008b) and Erll/Rigney (distributed online).

Mind the change of schedule:

Lecture takes place Tuesday 1415 - 1545!!!!

No film seminar that day.

26.02.10: CHANGE IN SCHEDULE! Film Seminar 4 (Waltz with Bashir) will take place next Tuesday (1415-1630). The lecture on March 9 will take place from 1415-1545!!!

24.02.10: For next week's lecture please read Galtung & Wæver (compendium) and Zur & Kennedy/Piper (distributed online).

24.02.10: Some IMPORTANT info on upcoming papers & exam:

Paper 1 is due 9 March:

You will here have to answer 3 questions. Use not more than 3-4 sentences for each question. You will find the questions already on the icw-forum ( http://icwforum.wikidot.com/forum:start ). You can use this site for questions, critique, debate, or just to try out whether you understood a concept correctly.

I will pick three questions from the forum site which all will have to answer.

Do NOT get stressed. As long as you hand in something you will stand. This is merely an exercise to make you start writing and (re)read some crucial texts from the syllabus!

Paper 2 is due 23 March:

Write a brief summary of your intended project paper (4-600 words). Try to explain briefly what you intend to do and how. The paper should contain:
- what empirical material you intend to focus on. (You can pick any visual representation of any form of violence, i.e. you do not have to focus on war or war film.)
- what theories you are going to use
- what methodological tools you intend to use

Both theories and methodological tools/concepts have to be related to our syllabus. Since Laclau/Mouffe play such an important role in our course everyone will have to relate to their framework in some way. In addition, you have to apply at least two additional approaches from the syllabus. In this paper you do not have to explain in detail how you use theories and concepts. Just mention their relevance briefly.

Also: Do NOT stress! This is not an exam! It is merely meant as an early starter on your project work. It will help you gather and structure your ideas and provide you with important early feedback on the viability of your ideas. Try to see this as the creative fun part of scholarly work.

Oral presentation: due April 27 and/or May 4

Depending on the number of candidates we will use one or two days for the oral presentations. Please explain briefly 5 to 10 minutes (max! I will stop you…) what you focus on and how you intend to achieve your goals.

To explain orally what you intend to do will help you tremendously in structuring your work. If you do this in a good way you will have the whole structure of your paper ready and will 'only' have to fill in the bullet points to finish it. You will also receive feedback from me and your fellow students.

Again, no stress! This is a chance for you to try out stuff and get feedback. No one expects brilliant multi-media presentations. Just structure your ideas and tell us about them.

Final exam: due 21 May

4-4500 words essay on a subject of your own choice. It has to focus on any visual representation of any form of violence and has to apply Laclau/Mouffe's approach in one way or another. In addition you have to apply at least two additional approaches from the syllabus in some detail. Graded A-E.

Up to two students can write their essay together. In this case 8-9000 words and in case no exact indication is given as to who has written what both students will receive the same grade. Each student will however hand in an own Paper2 and make an own oral presentation.

The project essay has to be closely connected to the project summary (paper 2) and to the oral presentation.

If you encounter any problems on the way, if there is anything unclear, or if you just need feedback on ideas, you can contact me by email at any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Do not hesitate to write!

I can provide you with feedback until the write-up phase of the exam, which starts 5 May.

Looking forward to hearing about/reading your work!

15.02.10: Please, read Phillips/Jørgensen chapter 1&2 and the text by Laclau&Mouffe distributed online. Next week we will exemplify Laclau and Mouffe's thought with reference to clips from Black Hawk Down (Scott 2001). During the film seminar in the afternoon we will compare BHD to Battle for HAditha. We will use some time for this purpose, so we will probably not be finished before 1700.

10.02.10: For next week's lecture, please read chapter 1&2 in the book by Phillips and Jørgensen: Discourse Analysis as Theory and Method.

03.02.10: For next week's lecture please read Hall, Lincoln, Barthes, and Laclau (compendium) and Bleiker (distributed electronically).

27.01.10: For next week's lecture please read Mieke Bal on Cultural Analysis (distributed electronically) and on focalization (compendium).

20.01.10: In case you haven't received an email from me yet, please contact me. on.tiu|hcsztop.regloh#on.tiu|hcsztop.regloh

20.01.10: For next Tuesday (1215-1345; E-0103) please read Kellner (1996; compendium) and Erll (2008a; distributed by email).

16.09.09: Next course takes place in the Spring term 2010. Introductory meeting January 19th 1215 at E-0104. First lecture January 26th 1215-1400 at E-0104 and first seminar same day 1400-1600! Welcome!

29.04.09: Deadline for final project essay (4-4500 words) is May 11th. Please hand in three paper copies of your essay at 'ekspedisjonen' at the Faculty of Humanities. Use your student number, NOT your name. Graded A-F. Make sure you read the statement of academic integrity. Good luck!

19.04.09: Order of presentations of student projects on Tuesday April 28th: Benjamin, Marie, Adrienne, Sturla, Hege/Celine. We start at 1215 and should be done well before 1500. Each presentation consists of up to 15 minutes talk and approx. 5 minutes q&a. Please, send around updated versions of your abstracts to all participants no later than Monday April 27th or post them on the ICW-class-09 website.

19.04.09: NO STUDENT PRESENTATIONS Tuesday 21st. All student projects will be presented on Tuesday April 28th. No lecture/seminar this week.

14.04.09: Please sign up for a time slot for your project presentation as soon as possible. Sign up by email to on.tiu.muh|pregloh#on.tiu.muh|pregloh.

25.03.09: Second course paper due 13.04.09. Write a short abstract (4-600 words) providing a brief summary of your planned project essay. Please hand inn by email to on.tiu.muh|pregloh#on.tiu.muh|pregloh.

25.03.09: No lectures next week and the week after (Easter break). Next lecture 14.04.09 from 1215 to 1345. Please read Hardt/Negri and Foucault (compendium). Film seminar on global political space with screening of 11'09''01 - 11 short movies on September 11 - from 1415-1730.

18.03.09: For next time (24.03.) please read Virilio, Der Derian and Hossein-Zadeh in the compendium. Lecture from 1215-1345 and film seminar on the military-industrial complex with screening of Why We Fight from 1400-1700.

13.03.09: For next time (17.03.) please read Agamben (compendium). Lecture as usual from 1215-1345 and film seminar on 'Tracing Zones of the Exception' with screening of Cuarón's Children of Men from 1400-1700.

05.03.09: For next time (10.03.09) please read Kracauer, Weldes and Nexon/Neumann (all in compendium). Lecture as usual from 1215-1345. No film seminar next week.

05.03.09: Course paper 1 due 09.03.09! Please hand in by email to on.tiu.muh|pregloh#on.tiu.muh|pregloh.

24.02.09: For next time (03.03.) please read Galtung and Wæver (in compendium) and Zur and Rengger/Kennedy-Pipe (pdf). We will focus on the concepts of violence, war and security. Lecture from 1215-1345 and film seminar on liminality with screening of Malick's The Thin Red Line from 1415- approx. 1730.

18.02.09: For next time (24.02.) please read the short text by Laclau in compendium and chapter 2 in the book by Phillips/Jørgensen. You can also have a look at the paper I sent you by email. Lecture from 1215-1345 and film seminar Interventions with screening of Broomfield's Battle for Haditha from 1415-1730. All takes place at E-0104.

11.02.09: For next time (17.02.) please read chapter 1&2 in the book by Phillips/Jørgensen Discourse Analysis as Theory and Practice. No film seminar next time. Lecture starts as usual at 1215 in E-0104.

04.02.09: For next time (10.02.) please read Barthes, Hall and Lincoln (all in compendium). We will start the lecture at 1215 and finish 1345. Film seminar on War/Memory with screening of Clint Eastwood's Flags of our Fathers form 1415 at E-0104.

23.01.09: Note the following changes in the syllabus: Bal (2002) 'Travelling Concepts' removed, Moxey (2008) removed, Laclau/Mouffe (2001) recommended only.

20.01.09: No lecture/seminar next week. For Tuesday 03.02.09 please read the texts by Bal (2001) and Williams (1988) in the compendium. Mind that the lecture takes place 1415-1600!

14.01.09: For next Tuesday (20.01.09), please read Kellner (1995) in compendium.

10.01.09: Mieke Bal is visiting UiT! Lectures at E-0101 on Tuesday January 13th (1000-1130) and Wednesday January 14th (1015-1200). Screening of her movie at Tromsø International Film Festival on Tuesday 1300-1445 at Rådstua in the city centre.

12.10.08: New course takes place in the Spring term 2009. First lecture 13.01.09 (1200-1345) at room E-0104. Welcome!

02.05.08: Project essay due June 6th. Approx. 4000 - 4500 words. Make sure to employ a wide array of readings from our syllabus (2-3 from L1-3, L5-8, and L9-10 and 1 from L4. Hand in 3 copies of your essay to 'Ekspedisjonen' at the Faculty of Humanities. Use your student ID, NOT your name. Make sure you read the Statement of Academic integrity.

30.04.08: 07.05.08: Presentations of student projects (cont.): 1400 Joanna, 1430 Ivor, 1500 Unni, 1530 Mariusz, (1600 Break), 1630 Lene, 1700 Tomas, 1730 Christopher. Please, provide a 1p outline prior to your presentations.

29.04.08: 30.04.08: Presentations of student projects: 1400 Olaf, 1430 Dagfinn. After time for q/a. Please, provide a 1p outline prior to your presentations.

02.04.08: Readings for next time (22. and 23.04.): Ruggie (handout), Shapiro, Der Derian, Agamben, Virilio, Hossein-Zadeh, Rantapelkonen, Trevorrow (all compendium).

26.03.08: Second assignment due April 9th. Max. three pages, quote from at least one movie and one website, include references. Analyse briefly a visual (re)presentation (image, movie clip, drawing, …) of violence of your choice. Make sure to delimit the document you focus on. Please, hand in via email.

26.03.08: For next time, please have a look at Weber, Weldes, and Der Derian (compendium).

27.02.08: For next week's lecture, please have a look at Prince, Freeland and Gunning (compendium), Prince (handout) and Mulvey (online).

21.02.08: James Der Derian is visiting UiT! Lectures on MArch 18th from 1015 onwards at E-0101. Make sure you won't miss it!

14.02.08: Next lecture and film seminar February 27th. We start with war as a travelling concept and then move on to film. Please, have a look at Zur, Margolis, Pfetsch/Rohloff (handouts), Kracauer x 2 (handouts) and Mast (compendium).

14.02.08: First assignment (<2 pages) due Friday 21st. Please hand in via email to me. Good luck (even though you won't need it)!

08.02.08: Try to find some of the online articles on our syllabus on Bibsys. Just write the name of the journal, tick off E-journal below and search. You will be surprised about how many interesting articles become available for you completely free of charge (make sure you access Bibsys from a computer on campus).

08.02.08: For next week please have a look at Galtung and Wæver (compendium), Zizek (handout on violence), and Fierke (handout on critical security studies). The handouts Margolis: War and Ideology and Pfetsch/Rohloff are also relevant.

30.01.08: For next week please have a look at the texts by Mieke Bal in the compendium. We'll start with Laclau/Mouffe and then move on to Bal.

30.01.08: All lectures have been moved to Wednesdays from 1400 (sharp! NOT 1415!) to 1545. We can then have lunch together before we commence with the film seminars 1615.

23.01.08: For next time please read Lincoln (1989 & 2002; compendium), Marcuse and Phillips/Jørgensen (both handouts) and get into Barthes' Mythologies (last chapter: Myth Today).

23.01.08: Lecture and film seminar on Wednesday 16.04.08 have been moved to Tuesday 22.04.08.

23.01.08: If you haven't received an email from me yet, please make sure I get hold of your email address!

16.01.08: All lectures are moved to room C-1007! Film seminars as usual at E-0101.

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