ICW Autumn 2012
HIF-3201: IMAGE/CULTURE/WAR – autumn term 2012

Lectures on Tuesdays 1215-1345 at room E-0103
Film seminars on Tuesdays 1430-1630/1700 at room E-0103

Lecture 1: Film, Culture, and War: (21.08.12)

James Der Derian. 2009. // Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Complex// London: Routledge (1-20)

Roger Stahl. 2010. Militainment Inc. London: Routledge (1-20)

Robin Andersen. 2009. A Century of Media - A Century of War New York: Peter Lang Publishing (1-15)

Hoskins/O'Loughlin. 2010. War and Media. The Emergence of Diffused War London: Polity Press (1-19 & 185-192)

Lecture 2: From Critical Theory to Cultural Studies: (28.08.12)

Douglas Kellner. 1995. // Media Culture. Cultural Studies, Identity and Politics Between the Modern and the Postmodern// Routledge, London/New York (p15-54)

FILM SEMINAR 1: 3.9.12; E-2003; 1200-1300
Objectifying Frames: Black Hawk Down (Ridley Scott 2001)

Lecture 3: From Cultural Studies to Cultural Analysis: (04.09.12)

Mieke Bal. 1999. “Introduction”; in: Mieke Bal (ed.): The Practice of Cultural Analysis. Exposing Interdisciplinary Interpretation. Stanford University Press, 1-14.

Astrid Erll. 2010. "Cultural Memory Studies: An Introduction" and “Literature, Film, and the Mediality of Cultural Memory” in: Astrid Erll and Ansgar Nünning (eds) Cultural Memory Studies. An Interdisciplinary Handbook. Berlin: Walter De Gruyter, 1-15 and 389-398.

Lecture 4: From a Theory of Culture to a Theory of Discourse: (11.09.12)
Phillips/Jørgensen. 2006. Discourse Analysis as Theory and Practice, Sage Publications London (3-23)

FILM SEMINAR 2: 17.9.12; 1200-1300, E-2003
Multiplying Perspectives: Battle for Haditha (Nick Broomfield 2007)

Lecture 5: Discourse Theory Beyond Signification: Laclau and Mouffe (18.09.12)
Phillips/Jørgensen. 2006. Discourse Analysis as Theory and Practice, Sage Publications London (24-59)
Laclau/Mouffe. 2001. Hegemony and Socialist Strategy, London: Verso (15 pages)
Laclau/Mouffe: Post-Marxism Without Apologies (79-84)
Chantal Mouffe. 2005. The Democratic Paradox. London: Verso (15 pages)

Lecture 6: Film Theory and Analysis: Film Semiotics and Psychoanalysis: (25.09.12)
Robert Stam. 2000. Theory of Film. Oxford: Blackwell (72-83, 102-118, 158-178, 185-192, 192-212, 229-255, 308-314),

Lecture 7: Film Theory and Analysis: Beyond Screen Theory: (02.10.12)
Bordwell: "Contemporary Film Studies and the Vicissitudes of Grand Theory" in: Bordwell and Carroll (eds.): Post-Theory. Reconstructing Film Studies. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press.
Carl Plantinga. 2002. “Cognitive Film Theory: An Insider’s AppraisalCinemas: Journal of Film Studies, Vol. 12(2), 15-37.

FILM SEMINAR 3: 8.10.12; 1200-1300; E-2003
Multiple Screen Aesthetics: Redacted (Brian de Palma 2007)

Lecture 8: Cognitive Approaches to Film I: (09.10.12)
Edward Branigan. 1995. Narrative Comprehension and Film. London: Routledge, 1-20 and 90.
Bordwell: “Convention, Construction, and Cinematic Vision” in: Bordwell and Carroll (eds.): Post-Theory. Reconstructing Film Studies. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 87-107.
Murray Smith.1995. Engaging Characters. Fiction, Emotion, and the Cinema. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 73-86.

Lecture 9: Cognitive Approaches to Film II: (16.10.12)
Carl Plantinga (2009). Moving Viewers: American Film and the Spectator's Experience, Berkeley: Univ. of California Press (Introduction: 1-17).
Carl Plantinga (2010). “'I Followed the Rules, and They All Loved You More': Moral Judgment and Attitudes Toward Fictional Characters in Film". Midwest Studies In Philosophy Vol. 34(1), 34-51.
Janet Staiger. 2000. Perverse Spectators. The Practices of Film Reception. New York: New York UP, 28-42.

22.10.12: Work Requirement 1 due (abstract plus annotated bibliography)

FILM SEMINAR 4: 22.10.12; 1200-1300; E-2003
Gendering War: Stop-Loss (Kimberly Peirce 2008)

Lecture 10: Implementing Theory: Practical Film Analysis I (BHD & BfH): (23.10.12)
Holger Pötzsch. 2012. “Imag(in)ing Painful Pasts: Mimetic and Poetic Style in War Films” in Grønstad/Gustafsson: Ethics and Images of Pain. London: Routledge, 173-192.
Holger Pötzsch. 2013. “Ubiquitous Absence: The Other in the Contemporary Western War Film”, forthcoming in Nordicom Review 2/2013, 17 pages.

No Lecture 30.10.! Please work on your course paper.

FILM SEMINAR 5: 05.11.12; 1200-1300; E-2003
Postering the Iraq War Generation: The Hurt Locker (Kathryn Bigelow 2008)

Lecture 11: Implementing Theory: Practical Film Analysis II (Red & S-L): (06.11.12)
Patricia Pisters. 2010. “Logistics of Perception 2.0: Multiple Screen Aesthetics in Iraq War Films”. Film-Philosophy 14(1), 232–252.
Holger Pötzsch. 2012. “Framing Narratives: Opening Sequences in the Contemporary Western War Film”, Media, War & Conflict 2/2012, 17 pages.

Lecture 12: Work Requirement 2: Project Presentations by students (13.11.12)

Project Essay due: 21.11.12

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