Course Paper 1

HIF-3201: Image/Culture/War (spring term 2010)
Course Paper 1: due 09.03.10

Please answer the following questions:

1. What do Laclau/Mouffe mean by the following terms?

- Nodal Point

- Subject Position

- Overdetermination

2. What does Bal's concept of 'exposition' mean and how does it relate to the practice of cultural analysis?

3. What does Barthes mean by the terms denotation and connotation?

Do not write more than 1,5 pages in total (this paper should not take you more than 1 afternoon of work)
If you can’t answer (some of) the questions do not give up, but write down why. Mind that also reflection about own learning (or the lack thereof) is learning and will be counted as progress!

Please hand inn by email to: on.tiu.muh|pregloh#on.tiu.muh|pregloh or post your answers on the icw-forum webpage. Deadline: March 9th.

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